Into the Weeds First Aid Relief Booklet

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This 16 glossy page companion guide comes inside the ITW First Aid Relief Kit but you can buy it separately as a replacement or as an addition to your reference library.

The information in the booklet offers direction on how to use kit products available from Beneficial Botanicals, text-tabbed for easy ailment referencing, and small enough for light weight packing.

Contents Include Applications For:

Repelling Insects
Poison Ivy, Poison Oak & Sumac
Chigger Bites
Wasp & Bee Stings
Nausea, Gas & Motion Sickness
Food Poisoning & Intestinal Gas
Low Blood Sugar
Sore Muscles, Sprains
Scalds, Burns & Sunburns
Bleeding Ulcers
Splinter Removal
Sore Throat
Cankor Sores
Repelling Ticks
Tick Removal
Blisters & Foot Sores
Wound Wash & Dressing
Oral Wash & Toothaches
Mental Exhaustion
Sleep Aid
Pain & Inflammation

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