Help finding stuff could start with using the search function. On the search bar, you can search all pages, references, blogs, and products. Additionally, you can search in the store for key words related to products.

Herbal information for each plant tincture is located directly on the product page with “file tabs” to conveniently read about use, dosage, precautions and references. Other helpful and interesting information can be found in the Reference Info page and Blog articles, all of which are searchable. Scroll down on the Home page to see the additional sections.

You may want to register to start a customer account so you don’t have to enter your billing and shipping details each time you’re here. Once you do, you can then use the “favorites” option as a way to remember what products you might want on a return visit. Plus, you can always see what you’ve already ordered or check on a pending order from your order history.

We can’t see your password, but it’s easy to get an automated email to give you the opportunity to create a new one from the Sign In screen. Just click to Sign In and “Forgot your password?”. From there, just follow the instructions.

Payment Methods, Order Changes, Shipping, Delivery Time, Tracking, and much more can be found from the “Ordering Information” link at the bottom of any page.

Sales tax is only charged for orders shipped to addresses in Missouri. So even if you have a Missouri billing address, but your order is shipped to an address in Illinois (for example), you will not be charged Missouri tax.

Once your order has been submitted online, you may make a change by submitting an email alerting us to the change within 6 hours of submission. Books and videos are not accepted for return, exchange, or credit. For all other items, you’ll need to contact us for permission and direction on a return for store credit within 30 days from the order date. Products must be in resalable condition and seal unbroken. To return a product for store credit, you will need to pay the return shipping. Original shipping amounts are not included in credits.

Do I need to register before putting in an order?
No, you don’t but you might like to for all the conveniences!

Do I have an existing customer account?
If you think you set one up, but you don’t seem to be able to find it when you click on “Sign In”, then the original registration may have been set up with a different email that you have or there was an error when you entered the email address. You can always register a new customer account at any time but if you need further assistance, just send us a message through the Contact link.

Can I view my past orders?
Yes, if you set up a customer account and were signed in when you put in your orders. To view orders, just sign in and see them in your account.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to order?
No, you don’t need to have a PayPal account to process an order. When you checkout, you will have an option to just pay with a credit card.

Where’s my package or tracking number?
A shipment notice with tracking number will come to you by email from as we post your shipment. If you did not receive a notice from, just let us know by sending a message through the Contact page email and we’ll send you the tracking number by reply email. A confirmation of shipment will also be displayed in your order history if you have registered a customer account.

How do I use the tracking number to track my package?
If you have a tracking number that is not linked, or you don’t feel comfortable clicking on one that is linked, you can enter the number on the website to see the details.

How fast do you ship?
Typically we have a very short turnaround time of 12 to 24 hours for shipment of in-stock items from Beneficial Botanicals, though sometimes there are unexpected delays that may add an additional 24 hours. Expect to add additional days for Sundays and U.S. holidays.

Where are you shipping from?
Missouri, United States

How do I place a specialized order?
If you have an order that includes exchanges, special discounting, or other exceptions please contact us to send you a custom PayPal invoice from which you can pay.

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