Into The Weeds C-YA Tick Repellent

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4 fl oz spray bottle

Into the Weeds C-YA Tick Repellent is an effective, natural way to avert and kill ticks. Our superior repellent is made with the essential oil of Virginian cedar trees. These trees contain a high amount of cedrol and we can tell you, it really works! Even the Entomological Society of America agrees. And some studies have shown that Virginia cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana) is just as effective as DEET.

Enjoy the pleasant woodsy, outdoors scent that is reminiscent of a freshly sharpened pencil, or a treasured cedar chest.

Ingredients: Essential oils of Virginia cedarwood (Juniperis virginiana) and oregano in a carrier blend of hemp seed oil and distilled water.

Application: Shake before each application. Spray around ankles, legs, neck and arms. For best results, re-apply every 3 hours while in a tick populated area.

As an Added Benefit : You can use it in spaces to repel mice too!

Cedar wood oil is considered one of the best mice repellents because it contains natural effluvium, known to irritate mice. Additionally, it contains hydrocarbons such as phenols and acids that are harmful to mice. So if you have a problem with mice getting in a small space --like inside your car-- this is the product for you!

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