Wild by Nature Chigger Relief

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Wild by Nature Chigger Relief 1.75 oz powder

Chiggers can cause an on-going miserable itching that can last for days. To make matters worse, each chigger can move up your body from ankles to the waistline in very little time. Why suffer through it when you don't have to?

How it Works : Wild by Nature Chigger Relief is used as a topical application that neutralizes the digestive enzyme inserted by the chigger that causes that intense and relentless itching. The mixture soothes the bite, stops the itching, and sands off the chigger if it's still attached.

Directions for Use: Mix a small portion of the powder with very tiny amounts of water, a few drops at a time. Stir into a moist paste and apply with finger tips directly on the chigger bites, rubbing with a light circular motion. Leave the paste on the bite area for 5 minutes. Brush off dried paste and wash with warm water.

Fair Warning: The papain powder (proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant), as one of the ingredients in this product has an unpleasant smell. But rest assured, Wild by Nature Chigger Relief really works and you won't care what it smells like when you realize that insane itching has subsided!

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