Into The Weeds First Aid Kit Refills - Tins

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Fresh is best when it comes to natural products. Into the Weeds First Aid Kit Tins can be individually purchased to add to your kit, replace used-up kit contents, or to put together a new customized kit.

Activated Charcoal Capsules (6 pc tin)
Neutralizes Food Poisoning & Intestinal Gas
Cayenne Powder Capsules (6 pc tin)
Stops Bleeding, Ulcers, & Headaches
Cinnamon Powder Capsules (4 pc tin)
Helps Regulate Blood Sugar
Matches in a Tin
Use to Sterilze Tweezers or Melt Propolis Wax
Propolis Wax (.25 oz tin)
For the Removal of Splinters
Wild Garlic Bulbils (.25 oz tin)
Repels Ticks
Kaolin Clay Powder (.10 oz tin)
For a Quick Poultice

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