Thyme Infused Oil

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Label: Beneficial Botanicals
Botanical Name:Thymus vulgaris
Parts Used: leaves and tender stems
Organic: Yes
Origin: USA
Infusion Oil: Olive Oil

Thyme oil is a powerful antiviral for topical application. The oil can be applied to shingles or herpes eruptions, drastically reducing the healing time to as little as 3 days. Follow up with Vitamin E Oil to minimize scarring. Combine with Infused Plantain Oil to effectively reduce burning and itching.

Thyme oil can also be used as a gargle mixed with a little water to relieve sore throat, kill bacteria, and inhibit the growth of flu viruses.

How to Make Easy, Effective Topical Salves:
For Herpes & Shingles Eruptions - Combine equal amounts infused oils of Thyme and Plantain with beeswax at a low heat, then cool.
For Poison Ivy & Poison Oak Rash - Combine equal amounts infused oils of Thyme, Plantain, and Jewelweed with beeswax at a low heat, then cool.

The antibacterial and antiviral effects of Thymus vulgaris have been documented in clinical studies. Unlike chemically constructed pharmaceutical drugs, the plant has a slight variance in its chemical makeup from one season to the next. It is believed, that for this reason, bacteria and viruses are unable to develop a resistance to the natural plant remedy.

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