Uva-Ursi Tincture

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Label: Beneficial Botanicals
Botanical Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Other Names: Kinnikinnick, Pinemat Manzanita
Parts Used: whole leaf
Fresh/Dried: Fresh
yes Origin: USA
Tincture Ratio: 1:3

Most Common Use: Treatment for urinary tract infections (UTI) and disorders

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How it works : Uva ursi is known to reduce bacteria in the urine, reduce inflammation in the urinary tract, and have an astringent effect on the tissues.

Constituents: Hydroquinones; mainly arbutin (Hydroquinone-[[beta]]-glucoside) and methylarbutin; iridoids, monotropein; flavonoids, quercitrin, isoquercitrin, myricacitrin and others; tannins, volatile oil, ursolic, malic, ellagic and gallic acids

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Uva Ursi is used primarily for urinary tract disorders, including infections of the kidney, bladder and urethra; inflammation in the urinary tract; increased urination; painful urination and urine that contains excess uric acid or other acids.

Some research suggests that taking Uva-Ursi with Dandelion tincture may reduce the rate of UTIs in women.

For people with Lyme Disease, Uva-Ursi is used for urinary tract infections caused by mycoplasma, a bacteria that is unaffected by many common antibiotics such as penicillin or other beta-lactam antibiotics.

Known Dosage (Adults): 1/2 tsp with water, four times per day. Not to exceed 7 days.

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Warning: Not for long-term use. Avoid using Uva Ursi for more than 1 week or more than 5 times per year. Uva Ursi is not advised during pregnancy or in children under 12 years old. Do not use Uva Ursi if you have kidney disorders. If irritation in the GI tract, the use of Uva Ursi may lead to stomach distress. Do not take Uva Ursi if you are taking Lithium.

Drug Interactions: Lithium

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