Valerian Root Tincture

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Label: Beneficial Botanicals
Botanical Name: Valeriana officinalis
Other Names: garden heliotrope, setwall, all-heal
Parts Used: fresh root, not powdered
Organic: Yes Origin: USA
Menstruum: food grade alcohol
Alcohol Per Volume: 28.7%
Tincture Ratio: 1:2 (fresh root)

Known Uses: smooth muscle relaxant, insomnia and hypertension

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Analgesic / Anxiolytic / Sedative / Anticonvulsant

Diazepam (Valium) is a synthetic analog to Valerian. Valium doesn't come from Valerian, but the active compounds are chemically similar. Both Valium and Valerian root are thought to affect the level GABA amino acids in your brain, which are related to increased anxiety levels.

Dr. Oz calls this the Sleep Secret of Greece. He suggests using Valerian as a smooth muscle relaxant to aid in treating insomnia, back pain and sciatica. Shows 11/16/2012, 10/28/2011, 06/08/2011

Valepotriates, valtrate, didrovaltrate, acevaltrate, isovaleroxy-hydoxydidrovaltrate; volatile oil, esters, bornyl isoValerianate, bornylacetate, bornyl formate, eugenyl isovalerate, isoeugenyl, isovalerate alcohols, eugenol, terpenes, Valerianol, sesquiterpene alcohol. Alkaloids including chatinine, valerine and two others similar to skytanthine.

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Valerian Root is used as a smooth muscle and skeletal relaxant to aid in treating insomnia, back pain and sciatica. It may also be used to alleviate gastrointestinal pain and irritable bowel syndrome as well as reducing hypertension thereby regulating blood pressure.

Known Dosage (for Adults)
½ teaspoon in a cup of warm water, adjusting dosage by an additional 1/4 tsp.

Note: Effects are felt quickly and may last up to 6 hours. Do not assume more is better as there can be adverse effects from over dosing.

[tab name="Precautions"]

Do not drive or operate equipment while taking Valerian Root tincture. Valerian root is nontoxic, but may cause side effects such as slow muscle reaction and disorientation. Over dosing can cause the muscles to feel weak and should not be taken before driving or operating heavy equipment.

Do not take Valerian if you are also taking depressants, such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or opiates.

People with impaired kidney or liver functions should not take Valerian except under a physician’s supervision.

Because valerian is broken down by certain liver enzymes, it may interact with other drugs that are broken down by the same enzymes such as antihistamines, statins, and some antifungal drugs.

Valerian should not be used with Kava.

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