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What to Do With Packing Peanuts

    packing peanuts

    Do you know about the Peanut Hotline? Some of our customers don’t like getting the packing peanuts we use to ship our glass packaged products because they don’t have a need to re-use them. Here’s a great solution! Just check the Hotline to see where to find the nearest drop off location to keep this useful packaging material in circulation.

    The Peanut Hotline is America’s most successful packaging reuse program. Consumers call the Hotline, 800-828-2214, or visit the website, for the nearest location that accepts plastic loose fill, or packing peanuts, for reuse. The Hotline has referred close to a million consumers to local businesses that accept plastic loose fill for reuse. The Hotline refers thousands of individuals each month to local drop off sites for packing peanuts.

    The Peanut Hotline has received national recognition as a Robert Rodale Environmental Award winner. The Plastic Loose Fill Council (PLFC) is also a four-time winner of the California Integrated Waste Management Board’s WRAP (Waste Reduction Award Program) award.