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    DIY Elderberry Elixer Gummy Bears

    cut the recipe in half to make 100 mini 0.8″ bears
    a full recipe makes 75 regular 1″ size bears


    1 cup Beneficial Botanicals Elderberry Elixer (syrup)
    4 packets Gelatine ( or vegan agar )
    1/4 tsp dry citric acid (or 1 Tbl. lime or lemon juice) : use more if elderberry syrup is real sweet
    1/4 cup corn syrup (or honey or Agave) : use less if you want a tart tasting gummy
    Silicone candy molds: 2 or 3 regular 1″ bear molds, or 2 mini bear molds
    non-stick spray

    Note Before You Start :

    • Gelatin makes them chewy (18 amino acids). Agar can be used as a vegan equal exchange.
    • Citric acid (lime or lemon juice) is an important ingredient as it wakes up the flavor and acts as an interfering agent (inhibits crystallization and a microbial).
    • Corn syrup (flavorless) agave or honey* (flavor) : one of these must be included as an invert sugar (retains moisture and smooth texture) to work as the second interfering agent to keep the gummies soft and chewy for lasting storage. Honey will retain the moisture more than corn syrup.


    • Slowly stir all the ingredients together in a glass bowl or 2 cup measuring cup. Do not whisk or this will cause bubbles.

    • Let the mixture rest for a few minutes.

    • Heat makes the gelatin do its thing. But slow and low is key. Do not boil. Slowly warm in the microwave a little at a time until the gelatin completely dissolves and “blooms” (rehydrates). First at 25 sec. one time on high, then 10-15 sec. four times after, stirring gently in between as bubbles dissipate.

    • Place molds on a cookie tray that will fit in the refrigerator.

    • Spray the molds with a neutral tasting cooking oil.

    • Fill the molds slowly. Avoid causing tiny bubbles.

    Tip : If you use the large dropper that comes with the molds, squeeze the bulb before immersing the tip down to the bottom of the liquid, then slowly release pressure on the bulb to fill and keep it at an angle as you take it to the mold tray. Squeeze the bulb slow and steady to avoid pushing out bubbles that will accumulate at the top of the dropper while filling.

    • When you are done filling the molds, place the tray in the fridge to chill for 30 min.

    • After chilling, pop the bears out of the molds and stand the bears upright leaving them out at room temperature for 48 hrs to dry. Then turn them on their sides for another 12-24 hours.

    • (optional) Dust lightly with cornstarch to keep them from sticking together before storing in a sealed container to last a couple of weeks. If you don’t want them to have white dust on them, just leave them out longer to dry a bit more.

    This recipe adapted from: Haribo Gold-Bears Gummy Candy copycat recipe | The Food Hacker