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Can Plants Really Smell Us?

flower smelling a man

Can plants really smell us? Well, according to Science Daily News, yes they can!

“Plants don’t need noses to smell. The ability is in their genes. Researchers have discovered the first steps of how information from odor molecules changes gene expression in plants.”

“In plants, the odor molecules must move into the cell and accumulate before they affect plant behavior. In animals, odor molecules are recognized by receptors on the outside of cells in the nose and immediately trigger a signaling pathway to recognize the odor and change behavior.

“Humans have only about 5 to 6 million odor detecting cells compared to dogs that have 220 million. Plants have a large number of transcription factor genes, suggesting they may be able to detect even more odors than humans or animals.

So, the next time you walk by a flower garden, take time to stop and smell the roses so they can smell you too!